Iron Cat Litter

My Fathers Urns, made for bothers, sister and my mother.

My dads wedding ring was used on the handle.

Oldest brothers rose on handle.

Rocket used on brothers handle.

Bird used on sisters handle.

Anvil used on my urn.

Flower & Hummingbird

Copper flower and hummingbird

Hummingbird made from 1 1/2 inch copper bar

Copper hummingbird

Copper hummingbird


The Blacksmith Time Machine

Wedge joint

Wedge joint

Curved leg table

Curved legs with wedge joint

Moms hummingbird

Moms B-day Hummingbird

HM-12 Squadron plaque

HM-12 Squadron plaque

Mad Max skull gear shift handle

Mad Max skull gear shift handle

Steampunk Rocketship

3 responses

8 03 2019

Love your beautiful copper flower and hummingbird!

1 11 2011
Jernmalm metal Art Tobbe Malm

Thank you for the rose Joe. Beautiful! Your guitar. Amazing!!! :)))

16 08 2010
Liz D.

Joe, I enjoyed cruising your site. Hard to believe you’ve only been at this nine years! Especially liked the guitar!

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