ABANA Projects

2018 ABANA Conference in Richmond, Virginia. I forged this hourglass for my father and it was displayed in the gallery during the conference. 


2016 ABANA Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. I forged a hummingbird and flower out of one railroad spike.
Railroad spike flower hummingbird

Flower and hummingbird made out of one railroad spike

 2014 ABANA Conference in Harrington, Delaware. Below are photos of the mirror displayed in the gallery.
2014 ABANA mirror

2014 ABANA mirror

ABANA Gallery mirror

ABANA Gallery mirror


2012 ABANA Conference held in Rapid City, South Dakota. Below is the Wagon Wheel made for the conference. Members of ABGT contributed to the making of the wheel.
2010 ABANA conference held in Memphis, Tennessee. Below are photos of the ABANA Guitar made for the conference. Members of ABGT contributed to the making of the guitar.

One response

6 12 2011

Great work making the guitar! Very nice craftmanship.

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